'Hot Tube' is a game of skill in which you have to navigate a tiny fish through dark world of the sewerage. Help the fish by rotating the tubes around him and to find a way out of the sewerage. Get as far as you can and the farther you swim, the faster you will be...

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Flushed Down

The tiny fish 'Farthface' has been flushed down in the loo and is looking for his way out of the sewerage

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Rotate Tubes

Help Farthface to find his way out by rotating the tubes around him in circular motions. But keep away from the edges, otherwise you will be processed into fish sticks...

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Unlockable Content

Get as far as you can and unlock also Farthface's friends to dash with higher velocity through the sewerage


'Hot Tube' offers a number of great features, including many competitive and cooperative gamification elements.

Game of Skill

Navigate a tiny fish through the sewerage and avoid contact with the edges of the tubes.

Wire Loop

The game concept is based on the famous game 'Wire Loop' which involves guiding a metal loop along a serpentine length of wire

Endless Runner

The tubes of the sewerage are generated procedurally while the tiny fish is moving forward with increasing velocity


Compete with your friends and get to the top of the high score list


Get further and further to unlock various achievements

Unlockable Content

Unlock additional characters that hunt even faster through the tubes


Are you after bigger fish? Then download 'Hot Tube' via your app store, crack the highscore and beat your friends!

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iOS | App Store

You own an iPhone? In this case this is the right link for you to download 'Hot Tube' on your device!


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