'Hexafy' is a game of skill in which everything revolves around hexagons. Those hexagons consist of six different colored triangles which have to be assembled by rotation into a pattern.

The game comes up with three different game modes with a total of 63 levels. In the game mode 'Patterns' you have to rebuild a pattern of hexagons that is shown to you before the game starts. In 'Hexagons' you have to destroy as many hexagons of the same color as possible. And in 'Chains' you have to create long chains with a minimum of 10 triangles of the same color.

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If you enjoyed the Rubik's Cube, you will love this puzzle game

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Rotate Hexagons

To complete the different puzzles, simply rotate the hexagons around their axis with your fingers

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Unlockable Levels

Unlock and complete all 63 levels in the three game modes 'Patterns', 'Hexagons' and 'Chains'


'Hexafy' offers a number of great features, including various competitive gamification elements like leaderboards and achievements.

Game of Skill

Rotate the hexagons to complete the different puzzles but always consider your remaining time

Rubik's Cube

The game is reminiscent of the well-known Rubik's Cube but in a two-dimensional plane and a varying number of hexagons

Different Game Modes

'Hexafy' consists of three different game modes, namely 'Patterns', 'Hexagons' and 'Chains', each of them with its own challenges


Compete with your friends and get to the top of the high score lists, one for each level


Various achievements can be unlocked throughout the game

Unlockable Content

Unlock all 63 levels of the different game modes but keep in mind that it is getting harder and harder with each level


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